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For best results, use our BlinkMink Luxury Lash Bath when cleaning your strip or individual lashes.

Clean lashes as needed to avoid accumulating buildup from dirt, makeup, or oils.


BlinkMink Lashes are known for their high quality and durability. With proper care they care be worn 20+ times. Here are some tips to get the most out of your lashes:

Use tweezers to remove excess glue from the band after each wear.

Store them in a case after each use. This will keep them clean and maintain their shape.

Do not sleep in them! They are not designed for long term wear.

Avoid wearing excess mascara and oil-based eye products.

Use BlinkMink Luxury Lash Bath step by step and let dry before next use.


How many times can the lashes be worn?

With the proper care, these lashes can be worn up to 20 times.

What are the lashes made from?

All lashes are either faux mink, meaning synthetic or “silk” made from fibers.

How should I store my lashes?

Store your lashes somewhere dry and dust free like their original case, or in our BlinkMink LED Mirror Lash Case.

What are your products made from?

We are proud to say that all of our beauty products are made with vegan/cruelty free ingredients.

Our glue is also latex-free.